Pure supplements - what does it mean?

The purity and safety of every HELHETSHÄLSA supplement is of greatest concern to us.

When the raw material is natural, from a plant, many analyzes of different kinds are needed to ensure the supplement is clean and safe to use.

Therefore, the raw material is carefully analyzed for heavy metals, environmental pollutants, infectious agents and other possible contaminants.

Of course, we also check the presence of allergens.

When possible, and when our high quality standards are met, we always choose organic grown plant material.


Avoiding additives

When producing our supplements we avoid synthetic sweeteners, colours and flavourings.

By using vegetarian capsules instead of tablets, it is also possible for us to avoid all those additives usually needed for making a tablet.

When manufacturing a product, we do not use chemical lubricants. Instead, the process may take longer time to perform but that is ok with us.

The purpose of HELHETSHÄLSA is to be a clean supplement brand. Therefor, the purity of our supplements is so much more important for us than a fast manufacturing process.


Gluten free, Soy free, Yeast free, Dairy free...

We know that many customers are sensitive or allergic to different substances.

Because of that, every raw material is chosen with greatest accuracy. HELHETSHÄLSA´s supplements have to be safe. For example we want them to be...

Free from gluten and wheat
Free from soy
Dairy free (free from milk, lactose and milk protein)
Free from chemical lubricants or preservatives
Free from any other ingredient that may be harmful

But how hard we ever try, we can never assure that every person on earth will always tolerate every ingredient in all of our many products. This is especially true when we talk about natural ingredients with plant origin. So, if You are sensitive to or allergic to anything, we advice You to always read the label carefully.
And if You have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!